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[NPD002] Axon – Saviour // Sinker

Axon joins the talent roster at Needledrop due to his scouted talent originally in the form of mixing, which proved good enough to top the Needledrop DJ competition held at ‘Pure’ in Basingstoke back in April. Axon Is a producer & DJ based in Guildford who likes to refine his skills to the creation of drum and bass. You may already know him as half of the established dubstep duo Magic Mash and although this is a separate and very different project, Axon strives to bring the same level of professionalism and higher to the table. Tech and dark describe this release well, but we are keen to express that as a producer Axon is predominantly all about memorable sounds with interesting hooks rather than dedicating himself to just one sub genre.

[NDP002] Axon – Saviour // Sinker by needledropsound

Saviour – Brings a dark and moody template, which is designed to suit an educated palate that favours a heavy reese. The reese climaxes into a drop delivering a alternative take on the drums providing the listener with something very niche market. Tailored to be rolling and punchy for acknowledgement within the club or radio environment, Saviour not only displays its characteristics via its unexpected movements but also from its complexed structure.

Axon – Saviour [NDP002A]

Sinker – With its eastern influences and an old school hook, Sinker is the perfect flip to compliment the vibes that Saviour ends with. In fact rather than ending the release on a subtle note, Sinker takes you upon yet another journey presenting an active visual time line with a travelling feel.
Axon – Sinker [NDP002B]